One-Eighty: medical withdrawal stabilization


One-Eighty is an inpatient medical service for voluntary patients who have decided to take a 180° turn away from alcohol and drugs and take the first step toward a better life through the One-Eighty service for withdrawal stabilization in a medical hospital setting.  This is not a psychiatric or behavioral care service and these are not patients in advanced stages of withdrawal who need emergency care.  These patients call an 800 number, are screened by One-Eighty staff for medical criteria and payment benefits, and come in for treatment by scheduled appointment.  These are medical patients on a medical floor with an average length of stay of 3 days.  Discharge planning, by One-Eighty staff, assists patients entering into appropriate after care programs and services for follow up.


  • High quality of care only available at a medical hospital facility
  • Discretion and confidentiality of a 3-day stay in a medical hospital
  • Scheduled stay
  • Managed care friendly with medical benefits through Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial Insurance
  • Excellent patient satisfaction
  • Medical withdrawal stabilization only: no outpatient services through One-Eighty
  • Referral plan for next steps following discharge from the hospital
  • Follow up by One-Eighty staff to track success

ONE-EIGHTY quality

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