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Impact Healthcare Management is a national firm that partners with inpatient healthcare facilities to deliver One-Eighty, a medical withdrawal stabilization service.  One-Eighty provides hospital executives with a unique opportunity to address a pervasive community need (validated by their Community Needs Assessment), find significant new revenue at good profit margins, increase their census, and do all of this with very little financial risk or exposure because there are no capital investments, renovations or upfront costs required. 


One-Eighty is an inpatient medical service for voluntary patients, with verified payment benefits, who have decided to take a 180° turn away from alcohol and drugs and take the first step toward a better life through the One-Eighty service for withdrawal stabilization in a medical hospital setting.  This is not a psychiatric or behavioral care service and these are not patients in advanced stages of withdrawal who need emergency care.  These patients call an 800 number, are screened by One-Eighty staff for medical criteria and payment benefits, and come in for treatment by scheduled appointment.  These are medical patients on a medical floor and reimbursed at a medical rate with an average length of stay of 3 days.  Discharge planning, by One-Eighty staff, assists patients entering into appropriate after care programs and services for follow up. 


  • Complete turn-key operation​​
  • All patients are voluntary admissions and screened for medical criteria and payment benefits
  • Impact provides client hospitals with treatment protocols, training, patient screening, discharge planning, community awareness activities, a media campaign, on-site employees and best practice processes
  • Impact hires 2-3 full-time employees (depending on need) who work onsite, in an office at the hospital, and perform the following functions:
    - Generate community awareness of the One-Eighty service with potential referral sources and support the launch of a direct to consumer awareness campaign through various media outlets
    ​ - Conduct patient screening, coordination of admissions, discharge planning, and are available as a resource for Nurses, Physicians, Admitting, Case Management and all other hospital staff supporting the continuum of care

  • Client hospitals utilize existing overhead - physicians, nursing staff and available medical beds to deliver care, with no need for additional staff
  • Primary admitting physician, with back-up, is designated.  These “Attending Physicians” are typically Internal Medicine physicians, Family Practice physicians or Hospitalists (not Psychiatrists)
  • Patients are given a discharge plan and referred to their next phase of treatment such as outpatient rehabilitation and counseling