Discover the Brand New Method to Add Revenue and Increase Census Fast

Imagine this happening at your hospital right now without adding any costs, increasing your overhead, or taking on new hospital renovations.

Who are we?

National Provider of Medical Withdrawal Management

Hello, we're Impact Healthcare Management, your new partner in addressing the substance dependency issue in your community. We know you're in need. It's on every community health needs assessment. So we'd love to help take care of that for you.

At Impact, we partner with hospitals nation wide to provide their community with a service for medical withdrawal management. This unique inpatient medical service of ours is called One-Eighty.

What is one-eighty?

An Inpatient Medical Service Provided At Your Facility

One-Eighty is a hospital - based inpatient medical service for withdrawal from alcohol, opioids and other drugs, including prescription medications, with an average length of stay of 3 days. It's covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans.

Medical Patient

Not a psychiatric or behavioral care service. It's a service for acute medical withdrawal. Which means these are regular medical patients.

Medical Bed

Not for patients in advanced stages of withdrawal who need emergency care. Which means these patients occupy regular med/surg beds.

Medical Rate

For voluntary patients only with verified payment benefits. Which means your hospital will be reimbursed at a regular medical rate.

How does it work?

Smooth Service Flow for Patients and Providers

Service Number

Manage phone calls and inquiries though a local service number we establish with your hospital.

Patient Screening

Screen potential patients for medical criteria and method of payment to ensure qualification.

Admission Process

Verify payment benefits, complete pre-cert authorizations, and schedule admissions.

Proven Protocols

Provide best-practice treatment protocols for care team to educate, train, and deliver the service.

Severity Assessments

Provide withdrawal severity assessments based on industry standard InterQual and Milliman criteria.

Discharge Planning

Perform tailored discharge planning for every patient in need and follow up for one year.


No Capital Investment Huge Financial Upside

One-Eighty provides an ideal opportunity for hospital executives to create a new revenue stream tied directly to meeting this pervasive community health need. Which means your hospital prospers while saving lives in your community at the same time.

It's no secret that the substance abuse crisis is on the rise. People need help. They need hope and healing. That's exactly what you'll be able to give them with One-Eighty. We see it every day in the communities we serve. And we'd love to work with you to see the same in your community as well.

What makes us unique?

Complete Turnkey Operation at Every Client Facility

Medical Withdrawal Service

On the patient side, we're an inpatient medical service for withdrawal. Roughly 45% of the substance abuse population have no prior psych diagnosis and no unstable psych needs. These are the patients we treat. We're the only perfect fit for them. 

Case Management Service

On the client side, we’re a case management service for those patients. We take care of every aspect of service management other than direct patient care. We provide physicians and nurses with proven treatment protocols and assessments, so all they need to do is just follow along.

What you can expect

Several Clinical and Financial Metrics for Success

Very Low Risk

No capital investment. No renevations. No upfront costs. Easy "out-clause" in every contract.

Significant Revenue

Additional 5-40 admissions per month with profit margin of 30-60%.

Proven Protocols

Provide best-practice treatment protocols to educate, train, and deliver the service.

Extensive Training

Provide education and training on patient screening, discharge planning, and pre-cert authorization.

Zero Overhead Cost

Hospital utilizes existing overhead - physicians, nurses, and available med/surg beds to deliver care.

Financial Viability

Proven financial validation process to project revenues, costs and contribution to cash flow.

Geographic Exclusivity

We will not contract with other hospitals in your service area. These are your patients only.

Community Education

Execute community awareness and education activities to help support the service.


Features and Benefits of Becoming a Client

  • Treatment protocols (physician orders)
  • Education/Training for RNs and Physicians
  • Orientation for all hospital directors and management
  • Verification of payment benefits and pre-cert authorizations
  • Discharge planning and follow up for one(1) year.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Press release and printed “leave behind” materials
  • Media campaigns
  • Monthly performance reports
  • On site employees
  • Minimal risk or financial exposure with no capital              investment or up front costs required
  • Meets community demand based on community health needs assessments
  • New revenue stream
  • Helps build and maintain census
  • Helps maintain efficiency of care including profit margins
  • Managed care friendly – covered by Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial insurance plans
  • All patient medical benefits and reimbursement goes to the hospital
  • Hospital just pays Impact a monthly management fee for service

our approach

Discover how we reach more patients near you

Most substance abuse services are dual diagnosis by nature. They specialize in psych and behavioral health, not withdrawal. So they're eager to refer patients to us. We medically treat their withdrawal and refer them back for continued care. It's a win-win referral partnership.

We also aim to meet patients directly through successful paid internet advertising and media campaigns. Through these, we can speak to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

what we stand for

Who we are drives what we do.

Our Mission

To be a blessing to everyone we IMPACT.

  • Helping patients safely manage withdrawal and giving hope for maintained sobriety 
  • Providing career enhancement to our business partners by helping them be more successful
  • Providing professional development opportunities to all our employees

Our Vision

To provide the best medical withdrawal service experience.

This means providing highly reliable compassion, value, and unmatched service quality.

So that every patient, clinician, client, and community service business partner is blessed.

Our Values

Integrity. Motivation. Performance. Agility. Compassion. Teamwork.

"Our pillar of values are ingrained into everything we do. It's the most important piece of our company. It's truly who we are."

Jeff Messer

impact CEo

Let's talk more about our service models.